Fall Protections citations

Think you can save money without a professional installation team?

Fall protection is the top OSHA-cited workplace safety violation with more than 8,000 citations last year. According to Federal OSHA, as well as Cal-OSHA, falls continue to be the leading cause of fatalities in construction.

A rise in falls due to lack of fall protection and recent changes in regulations for light-frame residential construction means more targeted random jobsite inspections  industry wide. Construction industry management must be responsible for fall protection to prevent accidents and avoid costly and reputation damaging Cal-OSHA citations.

OSHA citation fines cost companies, small and large, millions of dollars each year. Check out some routine OSHA citations for construction firms.

  • An unregulated scaffold at 30 feet with no fall protection gear or training for workers cost $62,000.
  • A firm with past OSHA violations issues was cited for $243,000 for having workers on a steep pitch roof without fall protection.
  • Average fines for not having a Hazard Communication Plan, Material Safety Data Sheets or maintaining employee training can cost $281.00 per violation.
  • Ladder related citations as high as $139,260 in proposed fines for issues including using a damaged extension ladder, improper ladder use, ladder unsecured or ladder not inspected prior to use.

The customer absorbs these costs when contractors fail to provide adequate fall protection on job sites in unexpected charges or fees for new documentation. New laws in California hold a building owner responsible for ensuring worker safety as required by OSHA regulations.

Work with a professional installation team with Fall Protection Consulting experience for your window washing systems or exterior building maintenance projects to prevent accidents and avoid costly and reputation damaging Cal-OSHA citations.

About CSG Safety Services Group, LLC: CSG Safety Services Group, LLC designs and installs window washing systems nationwide. CSG provides inspections, testing and certifications for all window cleaning equipment. CSG provides consulting up to full design/build services. The CSG Safety Services Group promotes window washing system solutions with safety, usability, and cost effectiveness in mind. www.windowwashingsystems.com.

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