Got OSHA Fall Protection Regulations?

Learn about the important OSHA Fall Protection Regulations for post-frame construction in CSG’s outline of fall protection needs and personal fall arrest system options to protect workers on roofs.

Federal OSHA, as well as Cal-OSHA, has found a high proportion of fatalities caused by falls occurred because of a lack of fall protection. Construction industry management must be responsible for fall protection to prevent accidents and avoid costly and reputation damaging Cal-OSHA citations.

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Make sure your construction team is meeting these requirements:

Workers have the right to safe and healthful working conditions. The following precautions must be included in any fall protection plan.

  • Employees are protected whenever they are 6 feet or more above a lower level.
  • Employee is protected from falls and also from any falling objects.
  • Work surfaces must be examined and deemed structurally safe.

When conventional fall-protection is not possible or might create a greater hazard, a written plan addressing fall protection issues must meet these requirements:

  • Must be in writing, site-specific or by style/model and must maintained on site
  • Must be prepared by a qualified person and maintained by a competent person
  • Must include all measures addressing fall hazards

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